Seniors Class

Senior Karate Classes Times are

Mondays               8pm to 9.15pm  ( Full Gi Must be worn in this class )

Wednesdays         8.15pm to 9.30pm

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K.A.S.A Grading Syllabus

K.A.S.A Grading Syllabus
Belts are earned through the students proven dedication to training in combination with an examination (grading). Students progress from Novice through the coloured Kyu grades (9th to 1st Kyu) to Black Belt (1st Dan). Learnin

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Shotokan Karate Club

Head Coach Brian Carroll Shotokan Karate Club

is based in Ashbourne Co Meath.

Brian Carroll (Bing) 5th Dan started practicing Karate in 1980…He won most National Titles during his years competing.

He represented Ireland many times and the hig

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Monthly Karate Fee is Due

Monthly Fees Due

Monthly Fees – We do not let students pay as they go. It is on a monthly basis only. Students must pay for a month of lessons (which has its benefits for you and us). Your monthly fees MUST be paid in the First Week of each Month. If you are absent on this lesson, then […]

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Karate Ash Shotokan Academy Grading

K.A.S.A Shotokan Grading 2019

K.A.S.A SHOTOKAN GRADING VENUE – Karate Ash Dojo Name and fee must be in on or before November 22th .. Next K.A.S.A International Grading, 1st December 2019… This Grading will take place in Karate Ash under the K.A.S.A Senior Grading Panel… . Our intention is to allocate time slots so we can give more attention […]

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Dojo Etiquette

Dojo Etiquette The Dojo is a sacred place where we train ourselves physically & mentally. The student should respect the Dojo & observe the following etiquette. (1) Always arrive punctually for training. (2) Before starting practice go to the toilet. (3) On entering the Dojo bow respectfully with “Oss” (4) Always wear a clean white […]

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Ripples Inclusive Karate Ireland

Ripples Class

Ripples Class It’s so cool now to have four Ripples Karate classes every Saturday in Karate Ash… These classes cater for children/teens with Autism, Aspergers, Dyspraxia and other similar conditions or simply may not fit into mainstream Karate classes for what ever reason… We like to thank the parents for the support… Places are always […]

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Karate Classes for Kids in Ashbourne Co Meath

Karate Kids Classes

Karate Kids Classes Mainstream Classes Mondays 6pm to 6.45pm, 5years to 8years 7pm to 8pm, 9 years to 16 years Novice/Intermediate (Novice, beginners up to Green belt syllabus.It is also recommended for our 5 to 8 year old Green And White Stripe Belts to step up into this class to cater for their syllabus) Wednesday […]

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