Karate Classes Ashbourne

Karate Kids Classes

Karate Kids Classes

Mainstream Classes


6pm to 6.45pm, 5years to 8years

7pm to 8pm, 9 years to 16 years Novice/Intermediate

(Novice, beginners up to Green belt syllabus.It is also recommended for our 5 to 8 year old Green And White Stripe Belts to step up into this class to cater for their syllabus)


6pm to 6.45pm, Under 9 years

6.45pm to 8.15pm, 9 years to 16 years


5pm to 6.30pm, Open Practice for students14years and up

6.30pm to 8pm, 9years up to 16yo, Advanced Shotokan Karate (purple belt and above)

(Advanced Traditional Karate class.This class will cater for Purple Belts and above and will work specifically on the advanced Grading Syllabus) 

Fundamentals of movement…Karate Ash Building Character for the future…

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