Kata Videos

 Bassai Dai (Storm the Castle ) Preformed by Head Coach Bing Carroll slowly for our students to fully understand the movements 

Jiin  (Temple Ground )

Tekki Nidan Iron Knight 2

Wankan ( Means Kings Crown or Emperors Crown )  preformed by Head Coach Bing Carroll

Bassai Sho means storming the fortress

Gojushihno Sho means 54 Steps

Tekki Shodan means Iron Knight

Jion means Temple

Chinte means Rare Hands or Unusual Hands 

Head Coach Brian Carroll demonstrating Sochin Kata.

Brian Carroll says “it’s not as sharp, crisp, explosive as it use to be… the flexibility that was there before is not there at the moment, is it world championship standard, don’t think so!! The one thing that has remained the same since the first day I started practicing Sochin is the Moving Zen that this Kata creates and if you can feel that your laugh ‘n ! No panic or pressure either, I have the rest of my life to perfect it!

Shotokan Katas

       Kihon Kata (Basic Form)

  • Heian Shodan (Peaceful Mind)
  • Heian Nidan (Peaceful Mind)
  • Heian Sandan (Peaceful Mind)
  • Heian Yondan (Peaceful Mind)
  • Heian Godan (Peaceful Mind)
  • Tekki Shodan (Horse Riding or Iron horse)
  • Tekki Nidan (Horse Riding or Iron horse)
  • Tekki Sandan (Horse Riding or Iron horse)
  • Bassai Dai (Bassai – To penetrate a fortress. Dai – big/large)
  • Bassai Sho (Bassai – To penetrate a fortress. Sho – small)
  • Kanku Dai (Kanku – To look at the sky. Dai – big/large)
  • Kanku Sho (Kanku – To look at the sky. Sho – small)
  • Jion (Named for either the famous Buddhist temple Jion-ji or the Buddhist saint Jion)
  • Jitte (Jutte) (Ten hands)
  • Enpi (Flying swallow)
  • Gankaku (Crane on a rock)
  • Hangetsu (Half moon)
  • Sochin (Energetic calm)
  • Nijushiho (Twenty four steps)
  • Meikyo (Bright/Polished mirror or Mirror of the Soul)
  • Ji’in (Temple grounds)
  • Chinte (Incredible hands)
  • Unsu (Hand in the clouds)
  • Wankan (King’s crown)
  • Gojushiho Dai (Fifty four steps – big/large)
  • Gojushiho Sho (Fifty four steps – small)