Karate Classes Ashbourne

Monthly Fees Due

Monthly Fees – We do not let students pay as they go. It is on a monthly basis only.
Students must pay for a month of lessons (which has its benefits for you and us).

Your monthly fees MUST be paid in the First Week of each Month.

If you are absent on this lesson, then fees will be due the following week. Fees must be paid when ‘signing in’, which is BEFORE the warm-up begins.

Months fees are the only payment asked for on a regular basis. If you are ill or are away on holiday your Monthly fees still need to be paid in full.

More & more students now go away during the summer for 4-6 weeks at a time. Monthly fees still need to be Paid.

Not only have we got your overheads to pay but we are still giving up our time to be there to teach you (even if you don’t turn up) and we are keeping your place secure in the class, by keeping you on our registers.

We do have future students on a waiting lists for Karate Ash, who are desperate for a place and would happily take your place on the register.

Fees are kept to a minimum amount and are charged to cover our costs.

You will find that our fees are one of the lowest around. If fees are forgotten on pay night, you will unfortunately not be allowed to train and will be sent home (if adult) or sat out to wait for parent (if child).

We know this may seem harsh, but we have to make sure we cover ourselves and provide a Fair & Safe Service to All.

You wouldn’t go to a swimming pool and expect to be allowed to swim without paying their swim fee.

For Students Grading this JULY 2016. They MUST have their Club Subscriptions FULLY PAID UP and MUST be Fully Paid up members of K.A.S.A International