Help needed

K.A.S.A International first National Open Inclusive Competition 17th of November.

We are looking for the help of our Senior Brown and Black Belts please. We will need help with the set up but more importantly we will need you guys to jump in with the Judging (training will be given and constant support during the event).

Please let Bing know asap if your available.

Inclusive karate grading Ireland
Next K.A.S.A International Grading, December 1st 2019 

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Female Childrens Officer:

Thanks a mill to Anita Whyte for doing such a great job as Karate Ash’s Female Childrens Officer… Anita has now taken up the role as Children’s Officer for K.A.S.A International and we wish her all the very best…

We are now looking for a new Female Childrens Officer for Karate Ash to work alongside Male Childrens Officer, Nigel Yale… This is a voluntary role and if your interested please contact Bing&Julie

Karate Ash Kata Sunday

So our Kata Sunday returns after the summer break, Kata Sunday is on average once or twice per month, catering for purple belts and above.

It’s a technical class, can be tough, very enjoyable and one of our most important classes for our students.

1/ Anyone that really enjoys Kata.

2/Any Purple Belt and above that would like to progress up the ranks would need to attend on a regular basis.

3/Those who compete on a regular basis or wish to compete.

4/Purple belt and above as it can be quite technical and a certain level of understanding is required.

5/ Mainstream or Inclusive but be prepared to work and train for two hours solid.

Kata Sunday is now a pre book class, you can book and pay anytime up to the Friday before Kata Sunday (no payment on the day).

The reason we have made this a pre book class is to make sure we have a minimum of 10 to ensure the class goes ahead and we dont exceed our Kata Sunday limit of 22 (first come first served).

By pre booking it enables the Coach to do the best Session Planner based on who has booked, Ages, grades etc.

To pre Book Kata Sunday please enter your name in the diary on the date of the session and pay your €7 please.

Breaking Down Barriers

Just read this article from the Meath Chronicle how karate can have a positive effect for our Ripple kidsKarate for Autism Kids