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Ripples Class

It’s so cool now to have four Ripples Karate classes every Saturday in Karate Ash… These classes cater for children/teens with Autism, Aspergers, Dyspraxia and other similar conditions or simply may not fit into mainstream Karate classes for what ever reason…

Classes went fantastic and we’d like to thank the parents for the support… Places are always limited in these classes as the demand is always very high… We have three places in our Teen Girls class 1pm to 2pm and a couple of places in our Novice class 6years up to 12years 11.30am to 12.30pm… Karate is for everyone…

On Wednesday at 5pm we have our Ripples  Ashbourne Inclusive Karate Class, this class caters for Children with Dyspraxia, Aspergers, Autism etc. or simply those who don’t get on in mainstream Karate classes.

Our club allow them to be themselves in an environment which is understanding but slowly pushes them out of their comfort zone without them realising.

We have been running for 4 years and in this time our activities have sought to encourage them to achieve with amazing results.

Some parents might feel that a group like this further isolates their child or teen but what it can do is show them that in a stress free environment with understanding coaches that they too can achieve. This can have major effects on them and has translated in many cases into everyday life including school.

We only take 10/12 in this class and unfortunately this class is full at the moment but we only have a couple on the waiting list at the moment.

Our sister club based in Santry also have a Ripples Class. Please check out Larkhill Karate Club for further information.

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Kids with autism may have been excluded from participating in rigorous and intense sports, but martial arts is not one of these sports. Studies have proven and parents have reported the developmental progress of their autistic children due to martial arts training. Not only do Motor skills and Coordination improve, but also communication skills and self-esteem increase.

Kids with autism respond well to martial arts training and experience an encouraging range of progress in their ability to focus, make eye contact, and interact socially with their instructors and peers. Because of the rigidly structured environment of martial arts training, and the intensity involved, students on the autism spectrum increase their ability to concentrate. This ability to focus has proven to translate into other areas of the student’s life, including activities at school and at home.